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This is the design challenge which must be completed by all applicants as part of our admissions process. The exercise has two parts which can be submitted as a single document. All applicants are required to complete and submit both. Details of where these should be submitted will be provided when you apply to the course. Please do not submit them before requested.

Part 1. Design Challenge – Snakes & Ladders Redesign


  • This is a completely paper-based exercise. You should NOT submit an electronic version of your game or any code. Your programming and coding skills are NOT being assessed.
  • The visual design of your game is NOT being assessed. You should make a basic physical copy of your redesigned game to playtest, or use an existing copy of the game if you have one.

Snakes and Ladders is a well-known, traditional board game, that is generally played by young children as it requires no skill beyond rolling the dice and counting. The rules for the game can be found at https://www.atpatafunky.com/pages/how-to-play-snakes-ladders.
For this design challenge you are requested to redesign Snakes and Ladders to add some elements of skill and/or player choice to it in order to make it appealing to older children and adults, without being too complex for young children. Playtest your new version of the game.
Please submit:

  • Written rules modification for the playable new game including the starting set-up of the pieces (this may be an image).
  • A short analysis of the gameplay experience or your new version and how it adds and element of player choice or skill. 

Part 2: Design Analysis

Write a small piece (500 words) about one of your favourite games saying why you like it, but also suggesting what could be changed to improve it.


UCAS Code: G453

Typical Entry Requirements
112 UCAS points

Programme Leader
 David Dorrington
Tel: + 44 (0)20 8223 2596
Email: d.dorrington@uel.ac.uk




Typical Entry Requirements
112 UCAS points

Programme Leader

Stacey Pogoda
Tel: + 44 (0)20 8223 2488
Email: s.pogoda@uel.ac.uk