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App and Game Designers, Hearst International Magazines

We are Sean Perkins and Alex Drew, and we studied Computer Game Design at UEL. We are currently working in-house for Hearst International Magazines as mobile game designers. At time of writing, Hearst is in the process of building a presence in the mobile gaming market based on their existing IP and their weekly magazines' puzzles; they've hired us to design a range of smartphone apps and develop an overarching mobile strategy for future development in this sector.

We come up with concepts for apps, based on existing puzzles or on new concepts of our own creation. When working with an existing puzzle, we design game modes, user interface elements and decide how players will experience our games. We use our knowledge of game design, GUI design and our understanding of coding to communicate our designs to the freelance programmers that Hearst will employ to build these apps. 

We also use our knowledge of games marketing and the way in which games are played to develop strategies for how to make apps profitable, as well as ensuring that they are played and enjoyed by as many people as possible.

The presentation skills we developed at UEL were important in getting this opportunity and continue to be important as the job continues; 
we regularly present our concepts, designs and strategies to senior members of a range of departments across the company.