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Computer Games Design
Computer Games Development

Junior Games Designer, Gamesys Social

Previous Role:

  • QA Tester, Gamesys Social

I joined the UEL Games Design (Story Development) course as a last minute decision, abandoning the IT course I had planned to do in Scotland to move back to London and get onto this course through clearing.

I really knew this was the course for me when I was asked if I played boards games in my telephone interview.

The first year of course rapidly increased my confidence in myself and his work, something I had lost after having disappointing Scottish Higher Grades. I worked hard, gaining good fundamentals in game design, technical and creative writing and more; and enjoying myself all the while. But it was the second year when everything really came together, being surrounded by other hardworking friends on the same course and buckling down I ended up receiving a 1st for one of my modules. This was a confidence boost that I really needed, and along with other factors drove me to work even harder throughout the last two years of the course, even taking on the role of Story Co-ordinator in my years final year project, and ended up causing me to achieve a 1st Class Honours overall at the end of the course.

Also as I learned, make good friends on your course, it really helped me work harder and achieve better than I ever would have by myself, and who knows, like me it may be one of them that give your break into the industry.

I started working as a QA tester for the Social Department of Gamesys, and was promoted to Junior designer. In both positions I have found my design and documentation skills invaluable.