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Computer Games Design
Computer Games Development

Lead Designer – Lohika

Previous Studies:

  • IT University of Copenhagen, MSc Game Design

After graduating from UEL, Daryl spent a year teaching Flash and Unity game development both at UEL and other schools. He then moved to Denmark to take up post graduate study at the IT University of Copenhagen studying an MSc Games Design. He liked it so much there he decided to stay - although he does make it back to visit occasionally!

With the goal of getting a design role, Daryl built up his portfolio through game jams and spare time projects. After taking a Junior Designer position at MovieStarPlanet, Daryl dropped his studies to focus on leading his team, eventually releasing a number of new game features as well as their dedicated tablet app.

Now at Lohika as Lead Designer, Daryl is working on Machineers, a premium mobile puzzle adventure that encourages players to develop logical thinking and programming skills.

Daryl says of his experience of studying at UEL, “My degree allows me to develop intriguing story and characters integrated into innovative and fun games. I've also worked with sounds, designed interfaces, crafted 3D models, textures and marketing. My degree gave me a good grounding in many areas, and allowed me to specialise and focus on my interests.”