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Games Lecturer - South Essex College

"After graduating from UEL, I myself went into teaching games development at various levels and ages. With it being a fresh and young course, I have overseen many changes for the better to bring a relevant and current programme of delivery as a course team leader. In what time I have to myself outside of teaching, I continue to improve my range of skills working on several personal projects and prototypes. The most recent being the development of a mod for the popular PC game Minecraft. My mod received excellent reviews from the community and I have been approached by other programmers from said community to work a larger project for the game.”

Alongside Ryan has been hard at work on an indie title he developing all by himself called Blobb; a small puzzle game for release to the mobile /tablet market. You can visit his website to view his portfolio of work and blogs at www.ryanlaley.com or follow him on twitter @ryanlaley for future developments with Blobb and other projects.