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Computer Games Design
Computer Games Development

Level Designer - Splash Damage

Current Project - Dirty Bomb (2015)

Anthony studied the Computer Games Development course, and established himself as a technically-minded student.

After graduating with a 1st class honours degree, he had multiple interviews with small games studios, and started his career at Dlala Studios as a Graduate Game Programmer, working on their platforming brawler, Overruled!

After his time at Dlala he re-evaluated his career choice as a programmer, and while working on Neolithic (A Worms-esque strategy game) with other UEL graduates, eventually joined Splash Damage as a Level Design Intern.

After 3 months as an intern, Massey was given a 12 month contract to continue developing maps, and other content for Dirty Bomb, a free-to-play shooter on Steam.

Massey is still at Splash Damage now, and is a popular member of the development team among the community, often participating in community events, livestreams and other community run contests.