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English Language Creative Copywriter – Wargaming

After graduating with a 1st in Computer Games Design: Story Development, Peter went to work in several production studios in London. Peter currently works for Wargaming, an international MMO developer, as their English Language Creative Copywriter. The company’s critical and commercial success came after launching the MMO World of Tanks. They now have 16 offices around the world and are one of the biggest games companies in the industry.

He deals with press releases, news, interviews, speeches, articles for the company blog—anything creative both on the company and gaming side. He may write a press release in the morning, then be thinking up cool names for games, maps or vehicles in the afternoon. Every day is always different.

Previously, he worked as a freelance developmental editor for scripts and books, a games tester at SEGA, games journalist, narrative designer for mobile games, and as a creative copywriter for an IT firm. He says he has been fortunate enough to work in pretty much every digital/new media industry.

He works across all of Wargaming’s titles, from PC to mobile to console. Listing them all would take a while, so why not check out the website? Wargaming.net and Wargaming.com