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Computer Games Design
Computer Games Development

QA Manager at Gram Games

Working on Merge Dragons & Merge Kingdoms

Previous Roles:

  • QA Manager – Good Catch Games
  • QA Tester – Endemol Shine UK
  • QA Intern – Endemol Shine UK

I began working as a QA intern for Endemol Shine UK three months before graduating from the program with a 2:1 degree. After 6 months of learning with them, I was taken on in a permanent role as a QA Tester. Another 6 months passed, and Endemol Shine UK Games and Apps Team formed into Good Catch Games, where I was promoted to QA Manager, and I have been there ever since! I am fortunate that I am not locked down into full QA duties, however, as in my role I participate in design decisions on all our projects, from the initial idea phases, right through to product release.