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Computer Games Design
Computer Games Development

Software Developer - Websure

Previous Role:

  • Junior Software Engineer, Tribeka

Previous Studies:

  • MSc, Intelligent Systems and Robotics, University of Essex

“My journey through university was a thoroughly enjoyable one; making good friends, meeting great people and most importantly learning key skills which have proved vital in my working life. David, Penda and Stacey have influenced my creativity greatly and if you have a passion for games there is no one better to help drive and direct you in the right direction. The games industry is the best and the hardest industry to work in. It is the most difficult to break into because most people want to work in games and the level of developers has to be at the highest to ensure top quality, bug free games. This coupled with the fact that once you’re in you probably don’t want to leave, makes it a worthy challenge for anyone. But if you’re willing to put in the effort and work to be the best then you’re half way there! What you lack in experience can definitely be made up with in passion and dedication. Hopefully in a few years time I’ll have enough professional experience and side projects in my portfolio to make any games company consider hiring me. I hope all reading this aspire to work in the games industry and will let their creativity flow.”

After finishing his MSc, Ross is now working as a software developer at Websure, while continuing to work on independent games development projects.