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Front-end Survey Developer - YouGov

Using the skills I have acquired from my three years at university from studying Computer Game Development allowed me to get a job within the field of something to do with programming. The skills I was thought, ranging from programming techniques to learning about visual styles has allowed me to succeed in my role, with most if not all things thought has been transferable. For example my day to day tasks involve scripting in a python based environment with some use of html, css and javascript, my degree did not involve the use of these programming and markup languages but almost all things thought in C# and the Unity game engine has gave me the baseline to understand how softwares are structured which allowed me to adapt with ease.

Apart from my work life, I do many programming oriented hobbies in my spare time which mainly involves developing android games. One of the games I have released for the market is entitled RGB Frenzy. Please feel free to check it out.