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Computer Games Design
Computer Games Development

QA Design Analyst at DICE

Worked on Star Wars Battlefront II and Battlefield V



Junior Level Designer - Stick Sports (Previously:Project Assistant - Stick Sports)

After graduating from Computer Game Design, I quick ly went on to a job as Project Assistant at Stick Sports, a company known for mobile sport games such as Stick Cricket and Stick Tennis. After six months in that role, which predominantly involved t esting and prototyping games I moved on to take on the role as Junior Level Designer. As a Level Designer in the mobile games space, my m ain tasks involve creating and fleshing out the core structure of the game in design documents and pitching it to the team. Once the initial design has been defined I then work closely with the devel opment team to make sure that we’re constantly building, and if necessary iterating and improving, the original design vision. The degree, and more importantly the skills, that I acquired during my time at UEL have been invaluable. The experience I gained throughout the course has helped me adapt quickly to whatever task or challenge that I am given or take on.