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Level Designer - Dlala studios

After secondary school, I came to the University of East London to study game design, living at the student accommodation as I studied. Over a period of three years I was taught basic skills in using Unity 3D and 3DS max, creating design documents and learning how to pitch game ideas effectively. Most of my time was spent with my peers doing our coursework in the Ludology lab, a room made especially for students on the games course. In my final year, I created a 2D puzzle platforming game with a group of my peers known as Mana Cannon, with my role being to construct the puzzles. This game was shown to the CEO of Dlala when he visited the university. After graduating, David Dorrington helped me and two of my peers to create and produce a 2D puzzle platformer game known as Chip Shift to the mobile app store (my role being the level designer). This game was made on campus over a period of 6 weeks. I am now working as a level designer at Dlala studios and have relocated to Witham, Essex. My day to day tasks involve a variety of different things, from working on powerpoint presentations for pitches, to designing levels on paper, to crafting them in unity.