UEL Games

Computer Games Design
Computer Games Development

We have three dedicated Ludology Studios with dual-monitor Allienware and Dell XPS workstations. All of our machines run on Windows 10, with a package of industry standard software installed, including:

  • Unity3D
  • Unreal
  • Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • 3DS Max
  • Maya
  • Visual Studio

The list goes on! This is just a small selection of the software you'll learn studying games at UEL.

There is also a collection of hundreds of games in the labs. Ranging from simple card and board games to complex role playing games, there's an example of just about everything.

Research Room

Our bespoke research room is provided for the use of final year students. It has dual-monitor Alienware PCs, and everything needed to help a group meeting move along smoothly, including a large meeting table. With hardware to play with and a mini library, there's no better place on campus for a third year.


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