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Computer Games Design
Computer Games Development

We have the latest and greatest asset and game creation tools available to students on our PCs. We try our hardest to ensure we use tools that are freely available to students but there are some tools which simply are not available for free. We have created a list of freely available alternatives however, ensuring our students always have the tools they need, wherever they are studying.

Audio Assets

We use the following software packages for editing and managing audio assets, from simple sound effects to music tracks:

3D Assets

We use a variety of software for the creating, editing and management of 3D game assets. From simple chests to fully-animated characters, the tools we use to get the job done are:

2D Assets

From UI elements to sprites for 2D games all the way to textures and maps for complex 3D objects, 2D assets can be a critical part of a game's visual representation. In order to create these, we currently use the following software:

Programming Tools

Alongside our game engines, we use a variety of programming tools. Currently in use are:

Game Engines

We teach a variety of game engines in order to provide students with foundational, transferable skills which can be used across a range of game making technologies. The current roster of game engines used across all years on both courses is:



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