Character Biographies


Gender: Male
Produce: Loganberry (First assumed to be a Raspberry.)
Affiliations: Master Dragonfruit (Mentor), Good Kitchen (Home), The Raspberries (Family), The Blackberries (Long-Lost Family).


Bio: Logan is the main character, Loganberry (though believes himself to be a raspberry at first) and the hero of the story. Despite being a small fruit he is strong enough to tear much larger fruit to pieces. And if a certain fruit is too strong he can take them out from the shadows or assassinate them from a height. His traits are destructive and vengeful throughout most of the game, though he gains a sense of duty once his origins are revealed; wanting to unite the kitchens in the wake of The Blender’s reign.


Gender: Female
Produce: Horned Melon
Affiliations: Bad Kitchen (Home), The Blender’s Forces (Special Agent), The Grapevine, The Blackberries (Subordinates), The Guavstapo (Allies), Captain Fennel (Ally)


Bio: Helon the Horned Melon, Fruity Femme Fatale and slayer of Master Dragonfruit. She was sent ahead of the invasion to the Good Kitchen by the Grapevine – the dark secret of whom she had learnt. The Grapevine distrusted her due to her knowledge, however, and so her quest was a suicide mission; they sent her to her pulpy death. Upon returning from her unexpected victory, she was thrown into the bin and left to mould, eventually become a Zomberry; rotten to the core and under their control. When she chances upon Logan again, she enlists his aid to kill her before she loses her mind completely.

The Grapevine

Gender: Mixed
Produce: Grapes
Affiliations: Bad Kitchen (Home), The Blender’s Forces (Unwitting Leader), The Blackberries (Subordinates), The Guavstapo (Subordinates), Captain Fennel (Subordinate), Helon (Subordinate)


Bio: The Grapevine is the network of all information in the bad kitchen; it serves as a mentor for Logan, guiding him through danger and informing him of where to go next. On the surface, it is the sworn enemy of the evil overlord: The Blender. However, things are not as they seem, and it’s not until Logan takes down the Blender that he realizes The Grapes were pulling the vines all along. They act as a Hive mind and, thus, can be regarded as one being; the walls of the bad kitchen quite literally have eyes. Their motives are simple; utter dominance of everything and the ability to expand wherever they wish.

Lord Blender

Gender: N/A
Produce: Electronic Goods
Affiliations: Bad Kitchen (Home), Grapevine (Creator)


Bio: The Blender is the creation of the Grapevine, made to front their army and give them control of the Bad Kitchen and, if their plans would be successful, the Good Kitchen as well. As their vines engulf their environment, so do the Blender’s wires spread out – cannibalising other machines and feeding from sources of electrical energy directly. Its myth is one of unrelenting rage and fear; that of a furious machine which found sentience through the juices of fruit and vegetables. It continues to eat, only to survive, only to consume. Those who serve it do so out of the vain hope that they may be spared, or the maddening ideal of bringing forth The End of Days in the wake of their terrible master. It is just that, however, a Myth; The Blender holds no sentience or intelligence, and all the while the Grapevine keep up their façade of lies and post-it notes to all.

Master Dragonfruit
Gender: Male.
Produce: Dragonfruit
Affiliations: Good Kitchen (Home/Guardian), Logan (Apprentice) The Raspberries (Allies)


Bio: Master Dragonfruit, Logan’s mentor and trainer. He is the protector of the Good Kitchen, and passes his sword (well, more of a dagger in his hands…) onto his apprentice Logan, when he is killed by the villainous Helon during the invasion at the start of our tale. He does not appear in the game thanks to meeting his untimely end, but is carried along in spirit by Logan in the form of training, discipline and a big-ass sword.

Captain Fennel

Gender: Male
Produce: Fennel
Affiliations: Bad Kitchen (Home), The Blender’s Forces (Captain), The Blackberries (Subordinates), The Guavstapo (Subordinates), and Helon (Ally)


Bio: A fearsome fighting fennel, the Captain rose through the ranks of the Blender’s army and scored his position of authority with ease, despite the loss of an eye. He has no particular like for anything, and joined the army out of survival, self-interest, and boredom. He is the acting head of the Military Police – the Guavstapo – and has command over the Blackberry Special Ops as well. Directly, he runs the Fruit Concentrate Camp in the Bad Kitchen fridge, and is responsible for taking prisoners to The Bin for conversion into Zomberries as well. Before the grapevine’s trust for her waned, Fennel was on equal footing with Helon though the two never really got along.

The Guavstapo

Produce: Guava
Affiliations: Bad Kitchen (Home), The Blender’s Forces (Military Police), The Blackberries (Subordinates), Captain Fennel (Leader), and Helon (Ally)


Bio: The first to join the Blender’s juicy crusade, The Guavstapo represent all that is wrong with the bad kitchen. Serving their master wilfully, they are the perfect and most cruel tools of the Grapevine. They run the Fruit Concentrate Camp in the Bad Kitchen fridge, and rarely fight on the front lines. They look down on the rest of the Blender’s forces, including the Blackberries, and take their orders directly from the equally vicious Captain Fennel.

The Raspberries

Produce: Raspberries
Affiliations: Good Kitchen (Home), Logan (Relative), Master Dragonfruit (Ally), The Blackberries (Rivals)


Bio: On the face of it, the Raspberries are the epitome of the Good Kitchen; they are disciplined, kind and civilised. By no means are they the only fruit who dwell there, but amongst them they are undoubtedly the most revered. However, their culture is not one of passivism. Raspberries learn to channel their energies into a fighting style which vows to take no prisoners and serve juicy justice upon those judged unworthy to walk in the light. It is from this tenet, and the training of Master Dragonfruit, that Logan draws his fighting prowess. At the start of our tale the majority of the raspberries are killed or kidnapped by their rivals, the Blackberries, and taken to the bad kitchen. With the death of Master Dragonfruit and the loss of the Raspberry Vanguard, the Good Kitchen seemingly has no hope…

The Blackberries

Produce: Raspberries
Affiliations: Logan (Long-Lost Relative), Blender’s Forces (Special Ops.), Helon (Ally), Captain Fennel (Ally), Guavstapo (Ally)


Bio: The Blackberries comprise the Special Ops of the Blender’s army. Prior to the corruption of the Bad Kitchen, they were a reclusive people who trained in the ways of the shadow. When the Blender came, they took the regretful decision to side with it. Many rebelled, broke off from the clan and eventually found out the truth behind the Blender. They were swiftly silenced and taken to The Bin where they serve the Grapevine as Zomberries. The Blackberries have a long-lasting rivalry with the Raspberries of Good Kitchen, though the two had never previously come to blows. When Logan arrives and announces his origins, the Blackberries rally behind him; no longer wanting to serve Captain Fennel, the Blender or to be ordered about by the Guavstapo. Logan’s resolve is their freedom, and they pledge to redeem themselves by taking the good kitchen prisoners away from the fridge. They also rescue the surviving raspberries from the Blender’s shattered husk once Logan’s job is done in an attempt to reconcile the damage done to relationships between the two peoples.

The Blender’s Forces

Produce: Variety
Affiliations: Blender (Leader), Blackberries (Allies), Guavstapo (Allies), Helon (Ally), Captain Fennel (Ally)


Bio: Most denizens of the bad kitchen have been assimilated into the Blender’s Forces since its reign began. They serve for a variety of reasons running through fear, to a fascination with their dark master’s grand design. Most berries are used as fodder, front-line fighters who – largely untrained – seek to overwhelm their opponents. Larger fruit and vegetables, such as Apples, are trained into elite fighters and may act as guards. A variety of larger produce, known as Titans, are trained and subjugated into the army as well; such as the Bananabeasts – used as creatures of burden in times of peace.


Produce: Variety (Rotten)
Affiliations: Blender (Leader), The Blender’s Forces (Unwitting Allies)

Bio: The Zomberries are those fruit and vegetables who are taken to The Bin and survive the rotting process to become thralls of the Grapevine; unquestioning servants of their will. Logan is thrown into the bin after being captured by Captain Fennel but escapes being transformed with the help of Helon. The Horned Melon herself is too far-gone in the Zomberryfication process and, by her request; Helon is killed by Logan so that she cannot serve the Grapevine in undeath. Other notable Zomberries include the Blackberry Rebels, who also unearthed the secret behind the Blender and the Grapevine. The Zomberries’ inclusion into the Blender’s forces is minimal; Helon did not know of their existence even as a Lieutenant and as far as Fennel is concerned The Bin is simply a death-trap.