The Story So Far –How the wheels were set in motion

The Bad Kitchen was not always bad. It was never quite like the Good Kitchen, fruit roamed wild and clans governed themselves – the kitchen was abandoned and unclean – but it’s denizens got by. One day, however, the Blender arrived and threw everything into disarray. The Villainous Guavstapo emerged; conscripting everything into the monstrous machine’s army with the mysterious Horned Melon: Helon, at their head. As times grew darker, the shadowy Blackberry Clan had to make a fateful choice: to join the Blender in its crusade to dominate the Bad Kitchen – and beyond – or to rebel. Life-long rivals with the Raspberries of the Good Kitchen, hotter heads prevailed and the clan joined the Blender in the hopes that they may one day crush their rivals. At this time, the warrior known as Fennel became captain of the Guavstapo and with no heroes left to save it; the Bad Kitchen descended into what it is today. Until the Grapevine came, ushering hope into the broken world; a faint spark of better times to come… all they needed now was a champion.

In the Good Kitchen of chrome metal and shining glass, a young member of the Raspberry Vanguard, by the name of Logan, trains with his tutor, Master Dragonfruit; learning the ways of the disciplined blade but also studying the blackberries of the kitchen next door. Rumours are spreading of dark times in the Bad Kitchen however, and the Raspberries Elders are concerned for times to come.

In the Bad Kitchen, some of the Blackberry Clan rebel and find out the truth: that the Grapevine is not the bastion of hope they expected, but the puppet master behind the Blender. They are swiftly silenced, but in dealing with them Helon also uncovers the secret; much to the Grapevine’s dismay. It is here that the first wheel of the story begins to turn. Helon is told of the Raspberry Vanguard, and of one of their kind: Logan the Loganberry. Conceived in lighter times past, he possesses both powers of the Raspberry Vanguard and the Blackberry Clan. He is the one who can unite the kitchen, and if she truly serves the Grapevine she must take an army to the Good Kitchen and bring back all of the Raspberries so that they are dealt with once and for all; this champion can never come to light. The true purpose of Helon’s mission, however, is to die as the Grapevine allows no liabilities. And so our tale and the invasion begin…


Narrative Arc

Based on Narrative Arc Template by Hope Caton.

Act 1
The Good Kitchen and its inhabitants are introduced. Logan and Master Dragonfruit are training, showing the world how it usually is.

Inciting Incident
Fruit from the neighbouring ‘Bad Kitchen’ invade and start slaughtering the fruit. Master Dragonfruit runs off to sort things out.

Second Half – Preparation
Logan pursues Master Dragonfruit. In the game he learns to stealth past the Bad Fruit.

The Raspberries are seen being kidnapped in the background.

Logan finally catches up to Master Dragonfruit to see him killed by Helon the Melon. Logan picks up his master’s sword and follows Helon to the Bad Kitchen.


Act 2

Logan enters the Bad Kitchen. It is abandoned, filthy and overgrown with vines. Logan meets the Grapevine, who tells him about the situation the kitchen is in due to the Blender.

Midpoint Reversal
Logan is caught and thrown into the bin by Captain Fennel. Here he meets a Zomberrified Helon. She reveals that he is in fact a Loganberry, and that the Raspberries are being kept in the fridge. She asks him to kill her; he obliges and escapes the bin.

Second Half
Logan stealth’s his way through the Fridge, he meets the Blackberries, he tells them of how the Blender betrayed Helon, and that they are kin. They decide to help him and start a rebellion.

Logan and the Blackberries fight and defeat Captain Fennel, only to find that the Raspberries have already been taken for blending.


Act 3

Logan, desperate to save his family, stealth’s and fights his way across the counter to the Blender.

Logan stealthily takes out the wires powering the Blender and defeats him.

Just before Logan strikes the final blow his Raspberry brethren are blended before his eyes. The Grapevine reveals themselves to be the true villains.

Logan returns to the Good Kitchen with the Blackberries and the few surviving Raspberries.